South Kent, Connecticut
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I bought more than $200 of dog food from PetcareRx-I have 8 rescued dogs at my home. The box arrived mangled and torn from UPS, and most of the food had spilled out and was pouring out of a hole in the bottom of the box.

I called PetcareRx immediately, and after many times of being put on hold, I was told to retape the box and a call tag would be issued for a return within 2-4 days. They could not ship another order until this one had been received back. Well-two weeks later, the taped box still sits on my porch waiting to be picked up. I have spoken with two additional customer service reps, but no one is sure why the box has not been picked up by UPS, and no one can help me with a refund or reshipment.

I keep receiving assurance that the manager will call me to straighten this out-but I have heard nothing in this two week period. Meanwhile, a mangled, taped-up box of $200 worth of dog food sits on my porch-much to the delight of the local coyotes and raccoons.

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The customer service is horrendous. It is the worst and most incompetently trained I have encoutered.

Do you know if you need to change your online order, you have to wait hours?

I guarantee that is true! Ever heard of that???

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