After reading a lot of negative reviews about petcarerx, the majority of complaints are from whiners too *** and too lazy to do a little extra research on what they are buying. Like the *** that said the coupon code 123 didn't work for them.

It happened to me too. However, the next day I called Petcarerx and because of the incident they gave me an extra 5% off on top of already discount. Majority of these complaints are from whiners that want people to do their thinking for them.

Or those that are never satisfied. Yes, some where reasonable complaints but if you question or question a service go a little extra and ask or look further before coming to a negative conclusion on your lack of effort.

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Great customer service!!! Good prices...

Fast shipping!!

Totally happy with all aspects of the service!!! :)


I ordered a stain remover through Amazon that petcarerx was the supplier. It came to me about 1/4 loss since it had spilled.

I emailed them to see if I could get some refund; I was not expecting a full refund since I can still use the other 3/4 of the solution. I heard nothing from them, but a week later, a package came to my door. They sent another replacement for free.

The key is - respect them as a business who needs to make profit; they will be more likely to respect you back. They have gained my respect - I have ordered other items from them ever since.


:cry I have had some issues with Petcarerx and OTHER online companies too, but if you use your GOD given brains you can turn the tide and negotiate things in your favor. If I am done wrong I want restitution, If your on the phone too long, email then call or ask for a supervisor when they first pick up and don't tell them why: just say I would like to talk to a supervisor. Don't be hostile or snotty cause you just put them on the defense.


Grab a hanky and have a good cry, great name Rainwoman, describes the belly aching and sobbing tears of rain. I'll bet your on welfare, aren't you?

I've got my opinion so just shut up and deal with it. BOO HOO Hoo


If you did not have a problem, and don't work for them, why would you be here? And they don't work hard, sssooo...you work there!


I just checked my phone, 24mins call, mostly on hold, and no resolution, just major inconvenience on my part for THEIR error. See, they think you will give up, and they get to keep your $$.

They actually wanted ME to pay return shipping for THEIR error!!! I have never seen anything so bad, I feel obligated to spend the same amount of time of mine they wasted warning others.


Are you kidding? I have NEVER seen such horrendous customer service, and I have the phone logs to prove it.

I will never deal with that company again, and want to warn people. It wasted my time, frustrated me, and actually left me in disbelief a company like this stays in business. Incompetence abound, and are not interested in excelling in customer service, but in making it difficult to get resolution. You give up, and they keep your $$.

Period. And girly, the reason this was such a problem is BECAUSE I am busy!!


NO, I am not an owner, or affiliated with petcarerx in anyway. Just a person that is sick of whiny *** complaints from lazy SOB's.

Biggest problem in this country is you have more taking out then putting in; a lot of whining but no one helping toward a solution.

We are becoming a nation of crybabies ready to whimper the second the noochka is dropped. No, I'm just a person who worked my whole life just to see it going to support lazy *** whiny SOB's


Are you a PetCareRx owner masquerading as a consumer? It appears that the people who have complained attempted to contact the company and met with unresponsiveness at best, and rude incompetence at worst.

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