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Pet Care RX.

I faxed and mailed in a (same)perscription for heart worm from my vet.

They could not seem to get this easy script straight.And I am registered and have used the site before.I said to them this is a script for a dog! It is not a narcotic!

Finally I cancelled the order.

They have called me and my vet 4 times since trying to fill this order.

Totally I have received so many calls on this one order it's beyond keeping track.

NO one there listens. Today I told Shirley to cancel the order in her computer while I sat on the phone.

I asked to speak to her supervisor who she said was Nicole but ...she was busy!

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My name is Danny Juan the Director of Quality Assurance here at PetCareRx. I am interested in hearing more about your experience with us.

Of course our number one goals is you and your pets well being, for any customer that is not satisfied with the service that they have received, it is our number one priority to make it right.

Please feel free to contact me at Danny@PetCareRx.com and I would love to further discuss the problem that you have experienced with us.

One of the campaigns that I designed here is to reimburse customers that have encountered an unsatisfactory shopping experience. My contact information with their shopping experience is listed above; please feel free to contact me.

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